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Andreas Hildebrand
Founder and Owner

 0800 / 24 24 202

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Watches purchase Dusseldorf: This is how we proceed with the valuation

All watches are evaluated by me - Andreas Hildebrand.

You have only one contact person!

Process: Online & Insured mail shipment

You contact us via the inquiry form, phone or WhatsApp
We will make you an offer without obligation
The watch will be insured and for you free of charge picked up by a security transport
After the check, the agreed price will be transferred to you.
Our transparent process we try to adapt also in the online segment.
In addition to the offer, you will also receive information about how it came to the price.

I take time for your luxury watch

Who is behind watches24.com?

"I am aware that buying watches is a matter of trust.
I want to earn your trust by providing neutral, honest and open advice."

For almost 30 years, Watches24-owner and -founder has now dedicated himself to the world of watches.

In 2008, he turned his passion into a profession - always supported by his wife Petra.

Andreas Hildebrand in highlights:

  • Founder and owner of watches24.com
  • Watch collector with passion
  • 28+ years of experience

More about Andreas Hildebrand

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Andreas Hildebrand
Founder and Owner

0800 / 24 24 202

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    Do you have any questions? Read our FAQs or call us 0800 24 24 202


    "The sale of a watch is a matter of trust"

    Since the 90s, founder and owner Andreas Hildebrand has been buying and selling luxury watches, always following his principles.

    It is important to me that I only sell watches that appeal to myself.

    A successful business builds on referrals
    and longevity.
    Your satisfaction is my priority!

    The conversations with you are important to me,
    as well as your feedback and suggestions.

    By service, I mean honest advice
    that is not just about buying/selling the watch.

    So that no questions remain unclear:
    Questions & Answers about the sale of watches

    What distinguishes watches24 from other sellers when buying watches?

    Individual and personal advice is our first priority.

    I want the sale to be on a trusting basis and for you, the seller, to be happy . With me you have a permanent contact person who is always there for you. 

    Our goal is a satisfactory deal for both sides. You must feel comfortable with your decision. That's why we place great value on open and transparent communication.

    Of course, this is also possible online! Especially when you are not face-to-face, we would like to explain the pricing to you in detail.

    How we measure the value of your watch

    You want to check yourself what the purchase value of your watch is? Either you can inform yourself on internet portals like Ebay and Chrono24 or you can get offers from used watch dealers. To do this, be sure to specify the reference number .

    Depending on the manufacturer, you can find these on the back of the case, on part of the lug, or on the dial. The more information you provide to the dealer, the more accurate the picture they will have of the watch for sale and thus determine a very precise value.

    We calculate the value of your watch based on these factors:

    • Our experience in buying watches
    • Expected duration until the sale of the watch
    • Comparison with the prices of other offered watches
    • On the basis of your data 

    Our expert tip: It is always best to get more than one offer.

    With the help of these points it is possible for us to determine the correct value of your watch for you.

    How long does it take to receive a valuation?

    We test your watch for:

    • originality
    • rate behavior
    • optical and technical condition

    If you send us your watch, we will evaluate it immediately upon arrival. We will then contact you to negotiate the price.

    Is the shipment of my watch safe?

    The watch will be fully insured and picked up from you by a courier. Thus, the location of your watch can always be traced by the tracking number. I have meanwhile 12 years experience with trusted delivery services like UPS and Fedex - I highly recommend them. I do not consider working with DHL, Hermes or DPD as they do not insure jewelry, coins or watches.

    When will I receive my money?

    Upon arrival, we first check your watch for originality and movement. This is followed by the renewed discussion of the purchase price, if there are any changes. After that, we will transfer the together fixed amount by immediate payment to you.

    When will I get my watch back?

    If we cannot agree on a selling price, we will return the watch to you the same day. Our courier will pick up goods every day around 15 o'clock from our store. If there is a delay in deciding whether to sell the watch or not, it will be returned the next day.

    Why is the right selling price important?

    If the desired purchase price is excessive, potential buyers are usually deterred. In some cases, dealers offer you the opportunity to sell the watch on consignment. The commission sale shows you what price can be achieved on the market with yours. 

    The seller usually charges between 10 and 15% of the selling price. If necessary, you may have to pay costs for refurbishing the watch, a new bracelet and service. This means that a fair direct purchase offer is often better than the commission sale. Understandably, you do not want to sell your watch below value.

    In the case of commission sales, the price of the watch may have to be reduced after a certain period of time. So in the end you will find yourself at market value.

    What factors affect the value of my watch?

    The answers to the following questions will affect the value of your watch.

    • What is the condition of the watch? Is it like new or has it been worn daily?
    • Does your watch have technical or optical defects?
    • Does your watch have:
      • The original manufacturer warranty certificate 
      • If applicable, spare parts that have been exchanged after a service at the manufacturer's 
      • The original sales packaging 
      • The description booklets of the manufacturer
      • Other documentation from the service
      • The first purchase invoice
    • Are all parts original from the manufacturer?
    • Is the watch to a certain number of pieces limited?
    • Does your watch show any special features compared to other watches of the same type, such as a different dial color? This can affect the value of the watch both positively and negatively.